Race Report: Lindsey-Wilson

10 Mar Race Report: Lindsey-Wilson

It’s that time of year again! The collegiate season has begun. The MWCCC opener was hosted by Lindsey-Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky. Despite being off the bike for 8 months, it didn’t take to long to get back into the swing of things. I have been riding pretty consistently for 3 months since the end of November or so. I had already raced a couple local CX races and Collegiate CX Nationals. But my real passion is road and I have been itching to get the road season started.

Saturday morning was the TTT. Teammates Jackie Kurth, Allie Dragoo, and Ivy Audrain ripped up the course and defended our LWC TTT win from last year. I was super excited to kick off my “comeback” with the TTT. It is such a special event of teamwork, communication, and consistency and there is never a dull moment with the girls. Although I was gasping for air and my legs were fatiguing, I crossed the line with the girls with a huge smile on my face and I was so stoked to also share my first win back with the girls – that makes it even extra special.

We had about 2 hours to pack up, head to Subway for lunch, then drive to the road race course. This LWC road race course is one of the more challenging races of the MWCCC season. It is a pretty rolly loop with the climbs significant enough to get you in your small chain ring for over a minute…that’s a pretty long time for the Mid-West! And the last kilometer and a half is very challenging as well. With 1500 meters to go it is about a 6 percent incline and for the last 500 meters it plateaus to the finish. Marian let a lone dangler off the front to cook for during the first lap. Into the second lap Jackie initiated the Marian attacks. Then it was bombs away, alternating attacks from Jackie, myself, Ivy, and Allie. A couple breaks formed, but none stuck until Allie attacked, Ashley James of Lindenwood followed and I followed Ashley. The three of us worked together well, but unfortunately Allie had to drop. It was just Ashley and I all the way to the finish. We equally shared the work but when we hit the final climb to the finish she had me tapped and I dropped a couple bike lengths on the climb. Ashley took the win and I rolled in for 2nd. No one ever likes getting 2nd but I was happy considering I have only been riding for 3 months and I haven’t been climbing.

Sunday Funday: Criterium Time! Things got heated on the fast course very quickly as Jackie, Allie, and I got off the front 3 laps into the 45 minute race! As a break of all Marian girls we had a TTT effort and lapped the field with 6 laps to go. We kept the front of the race fast and planned to lead out the girls who were holding down the fort in the peleton who were Ivy, Emily Elbers, and Beth Engwis. We successfully stacked the top ten and #SMASHED the race with me taking the win, Jackie 2nd, Allie 3rd, Ivy 4th, and Emily 5th.

Overall, was an awesome kickoff weekend for myself and the entire Marian Knights team. Of course I would have rather like the win in the road race, but there is always next race weekend for that! But driving back to Indianapolis with victories in the TTT and Criterium, I can’t complain! Especially coming back from my break and only training for 3 months. I even got myself into the conference leader jersey! I am really happy with my progression on the bike and even happier with the things I am balancing in my life!

Life is good! Thanks for reading!
Onto the next race weekend: Depauw!